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Fund for Healthy Rhode Island Grants

The application for this program is currently closed

A Request for Proposal for the Fund for a Healthy Rhode Island will be released in early summer 2022.

The Fund for a Healthy Rhode Island (FHRI) was created in February 2008 when Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island contributed $20 million to create a permanent endowment at the Rhode Island Foundation to support “projects designed to have the greatest impact on the provision of quality and affordable healthcare services in Rhode Island.”

With input from key stakeholders, primary care was the selected focus for the 2009, 2012, and 2015 grant cycles given its importance and relevance to the health of all Rhode Islanders. Increasing primary care access, utilization, and quality continues to be an important goal of the Foundation’s health grantmaking, and Rhode Island has made steady progress in the past decade.

Given increasing awareness of the role that factors outside of the clinical setting play in achieving improved health outcomes and reducing health disparities, the focus of the 2018 FHRI grant cycle shifted from primary care to supporting place-based collaborations that address health disparities and improve population health in Rhode Island communities.

Beginning in early 2019, the Foundation has convened and led a Long-Term Health Planning committee, made up of a group of local health and health care industry experts, who have collaborated to set a 10-year plan for improving health in Rhode Island—the Health in Rhode Island vision. The Health in Rhode Island vision includes four main priorities.

  • Provide the most appropriate care for people in the most appropriate setting.
  • Focus upstream on root causes and invest in affordable housing, food security, and transportation to address underlying inequities and influencers of health disparities.
  • Improve behavioral health outcomes by focusing on access to care, coordination of care, and prevention.
  • Reduce wasteful spending in order to redirect those resources to social determinants and improve affordability.

To help reinforce and achieve these priorities, the Foundation issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) in 2021 that, while reflecting each of the Health in Rhode Island priorities, include an explicit focus on responding to behavioral health needs in the community.

A second RFP, also reinforcing the Health in Rhode Island vision, will be issued in early summer 2022.