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Nursing Scholarships

The Foundation awards scholarships from five nursing funds each year. One application may be used to apply for all five programs, as long as an applicant qualifies for at least one of the programs described below.

Note: Award amounts vary from $500 to $5000. All renewals must reapply. To be eligible you must be either a Rhode Island resident or attending a nursing program in Rhode Island.

Albert E. and Florence W. Newton Nursing Scholarship

  • Rhode Island residents studying nursing in or out of state
  • Non-Rhode Island residents studying nursing in Rhode Island
  • Renewable

John J. O'Connor Jr. Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund

  • RI resident attending a RI school
  • Must be in pursuit of a CNA, Associates, or Bachelors Nursing Degree
  • Academic excellence
  • Financial need
  • Renewable

Edward J. and Virginia M. Routhier Nursing Scholarship

  • Licensed RNs seeking baccalaureate or graduate nursing degree in Rhode Island
  • Students enrolled in a baccalaureate nursing program in Rhode Island
  • Financial need
  • Renewable

Willard and Marjorie Scheibe Nursing Scholarship

  • Rhode Island residents
  • Pursuing LPN, RN or advanced nursing degree
  • Financial need
  • Renewable

Alan Edgar Wurdeman Scholarship Fund

  • Rhode Island residents
  • Pursuing LPN or RN nursing degrees
  • Attending a school in Rhode Island or Northeastern University School of Nursing
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better
  • Preference given to students committed to staying in Rhode Island after graduation
  • Renewable

Lillian Sparfven & Ethel Ferrara Fund Scholarship

  • Rhode Island residents
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Attending an accredited nursing program in pursuit of an LPN, RN, or advanced nursing degree
  • Preference for students who intend to practice in Rhode Island upon graduation
  • Renewable

Alumnae Association of Newport Hospital School of Nursing Scholarship

  • Rhode Island residents
  • Pursuing nursing education

Surti Family Scholarship

  • Minority nursing students currently working in Rhode Island as Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Preference for CNAs at Butler Hospital, then Care New England or its successor

To apply:

Click here to apply.

The application deadline is 5 p.m. (EST) on May 8, 2023.

Applicants should submit only one application.*

*Please note that, even if you have applied for a Rhode Island Foundation scholarship in the past, you will be required to create a new application, as we have migrated to a new application system.