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Welcome to the Rhode Island Foundation Online Application System for grants and scholarships. To apply, please click on the appropriate link below, noting that some programs may have their own unique application link.

To create a new application for a Rhode Island Foundation grant, click here and select the grant program for which you would like to apply.

To return to your application for a Rhode Island Foundation grant, click here.

To create or return to your application for a Rhode Island Foundation scholarship, click here.

Please note that we have migrated to a new scholarship application system. Both new and returning scholarship applicants must create a new account in the Foundation's scholarship portal.

Most of our scholarships now require the completion of a universal application, while others require completion of a unique eligibility quiz. As you browse scholarship opportunities, those scholarships that require completion of the universal application are noted. In addition, once you create your account in the Foundation's scholarship portal, you will find a listing of the scholarships which require a universal application.

We strongly encourage you to complete the universal application and any of the eligibility quizzes for the program(s) you may be interested in. Completion of the universal application allows our system to present additional scholarship opportunities to you for which you may be qualified, based on the information you provide.

Returning students who are renewing scholarships will need to create a new account in our portal and should complete the application that aligns with the scholarship(s) you intend to renew. Once you've completed your application, if it seems you are no longer eligible or if the scholarship you hope to renew does not appear in your listing of recommended scholarships, please contact Monica Benson, Scholarship and Special Funds Administrator, at (401) 427-4017 for assistance.

Please contact our Database Coordinator, Ian Ross, if you have any issues logging in: or (401) 427-4012.