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Food & Housing Security Grants

This grant has multiple deadlines

With generous and dedicated co-funding from an anonymous donor, the Rhode Island Foundation established the Food and Housing Security Program.

The program aims to fund local nonprofit organizations that provide housing and/or programming that helps to end food insecurity for Rhode Island’s most vulnerable populations. The program will consider funding requests for both operations and direct, basic needs assistance to agencies that prioritize service to children, the elderly, the homeless, or poor – particularly as they seek housing and food.

2021 application deadlines are March 26 and August 27.

Focus areas

  • Housing and food insecurity
  • Organizations serving children, elderly, the homeless, or poor


  • Grant funding amounts will be linked to both service provided and the number of individuals reached and can range from $10,000 to $150,000.
  • Agencies and/or collaborations serving multiple communities will be eligible for grants of $50,000 and higher.
  • Smaller agencies serving a distinct geographic area will be eligible for grants of $50,000 or less.

Funding priorities

  • Statewide programs or efforts that have a strong geographic or community focus;
  • Collaborations, especially regional ones;
  • Requests for children and the homeless populations; and
  • Agencies with adequate capacity to deliver services.


  • Eligible organizations must be Rhode Island-based and Rhode Island-serving;
  • The proposal must address housing and/or food insecurity
  • Agencies that request general operating funds must have, and share, a strategic plan or business plan;
  • Applying agencies must serve vulnerable populations; and
  • Applying agencies must have other funding for direct, basic needs.

To apply

A complete application package includes:

  • Completed application form, submitted through our online system;
  • Completed budget form, also submitted through our online system;
  • The applying agency's audited financials;
  • The applying agency's organizational budget; and
  • A current list of the applying organization's board of directors.

To complete an application that is already in progress, and to submit, please click here.