Helping You Give Well

Start a Fund

A named charitable endowment allows you to create a lasting legacy for you, your family, or to memorialize a loved one.

Ways to establish and name a fund type

Named unrestricted fund

For more than a century, we have used our community expertise to aim unrestricted funds toward the needs of the day in Rhode Island. Work with us to continue this tradition by opening a named unrestricted fund. With time, your fund will grow and evolve, supporting Foundation-directed grantmaking from the Fund for Rhode Island, our permanent unrestricted endowment.

Field of interest fund

Create a field of interest fund to target your philanthropic dollars toward a specific place or cause, for generations to come. The Foundation will make grants for you in the geographic area or for the interest area that you choose (e.g. the environment, Jamestown, Providence, education, etc.).

Donor advised or corporate advised fund

Actively participate in grantmaking by opening a donor advised fund or a corporate advised fund, recommend grants from the fund, or work alongside us to meet community need in response to grant proposals that we receive, vet, and approve.

Designated fund

Support your charity of choice, forever. Open a designated fund to support one or more specific nonprofit organizations in perpetuity.

Organization endowment

This option is for nonprofit organizations, enabling the organization to pool its hard-earned charitable assets with the Foundation's for even more growth potential. Grants are made back to the nonprofit that has invested with us on a regular basis, ensuring a secure funding stream for the specific charity.

Not ready to establish your own fund?

You can contribute, in any amount, to the Fund for Rhode Island, our Civic Leadership Fund, or any of our more than 2,000 funds.

"In addition to the security you provide, we feel that our reputation has been enhanced since we became associated with the RI Foundation. Keep up the fine work."

- Bill Lenox, Scituate Scholarship Fund (designated for the Scituate School Department for scholarships)

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