Financial Independence Charitable Fund

For many years, Warwick-based Financial Independence hosted an annual client appreciation event. “We looked forward to these events, much like family reunions, to regroup with longtime friends and make new friends,” states Financial Independence President Rick Campbell.

Rick continues, “The wonderful memories we have of these events are in stark contrast to the realities of the ongoing hardships caused by the pandemic; the least fortunate amongst us are experiencing a disproportional impact. COVID opened our eyes to the growing needs of our community and new opportunities to show our appreciation.”

The change Financial Independence made was to contribute the funds it would have used for its 2021 appreciation event to establish this corporate advised fund. In a letter to clients, Rick explained, “At a time when there seems to be so much dividing our country, I think we can all agree on the importance of taking care of our children. This new fund will address the needs of children, including birth to three years of age, childcare, preschool education, abuse treatment and prevention, and food security.”

He shares, “The client reaction to the fund has been positive. They’re a very generous group and helping young children is something our clients can rally around.”

“Rick has always focused on helping individuals achieve greater meaning in their lives. This fund is a natural extension of that focus,” states Jude Capalbo, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Jude became familiar with community foundations when he moved to the Lake Placid, NY area, home of the Adirondack Foundation. “When we started to think about this fund, I looked for a similar organization in Rhode Island. I found the Rhode Island Foundation, and was very impressed with what I saw,” he shares.

“We are proud to expand our family by joining such a generous and well-established group of donors focused on addressing the needs of our community and children. There’s credibility in working with the Foundation,” Rick concludes.

Contributions to the the Financial Independence Charitable Fund can be made here.