Civic Leadership

Bringing people together over neighborly meals across Rhode Island

In 2022, Rhode Islanders gathered to share a meal and discuss opportunities and challenges in our state. The final Together RI results are in!

Between July 14 and November 15, 2022, more than 525 Rhode Islanders gathered at one of 12 venues for a family-style meal and conversation with their neighbors as part of the Rhode Island Foundation’s Together RI initiative. The intent of Together RI is to inspire constructive civic and civil dialogue, and, by all accounts, that was achieved, thanks to thoughtful participation by many across our state. The conversations, held at restaurants and community spaces, provided an opportunity for Rhode Islanders to connect with and listen to each other.

Dozens of strengths were articulated—from the tradition of tolerance observed since the days of Roger Williams to responsive government officials, well-maintained parks, and the dynamic food scene—just to name a few.

Click the link below to read more about the strengths, opportunities and challenges identified at our 2022 Together RI events.