Rhode Island Emergency Response and Recovery Fund

The Rhode Island Emergency Response and Recovery Fund has been established to provide financial resources to support immediate and long-term, local disaster relief and recovery needs in the event of a disaster or emergency impacting Rhode Islanders.

The Rhode Island Emergency Response and Recovery Fund is modeled after disaster and emergency funds at peer community foundations across the country. As established charities with deep knowledge and experience making grants in their local communities, community foundations can act quickly to mobilize support and collect contributions.

While we hope it will not be necessary, establishing this fund prior to a specific occurrence will enable us to activate the fund at a moment's notice and provide donors with a secure and trusted place to contribute to relief efforts in real time.

In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, the Foundation will work in collaboration with state and municipal leaders, nonprofit organizations, and community members to assess the needs of each disaster and/or emergency and disburse funds accordingly to meet the specific relief and recovery needs.

In the event there are unspent funds that were intended for a specific disaster relief effort, the Foundation will re-purpose those funds to support a future disaster relief effort.

Given the Foundation’s support for the purpose of the Fund, the Fund shall not automatically be subject to the Foundation’s typical support fee, but the Foundation reserves the right to later assess a reasonable fee on the Fund to cover its cost of administration of the Fund.