Media release

Grant to Coalition for a Multilingual RI will boost resources for MLL students

The Coalition extends special acknowledgment to the Gilbane Family Foundation for its additional funding contribution.

The Coalition for a Multilingual Rhode Island has received a $90,000 Strategic Initiative grant from the Rhode Island Foundation to improve public school programs for students who are multilingual learners.

“This grant is a testament to our commitment to fostering multilingual education, will provide essential support to continue and expand our mission of ensuring linguistic inclusivity for all Rhode Islanders,” said Erin Papa, the Coalition's founder. “The Coalition's dedication to promoting multilingual education aligns seamlessly with the Foundation's vision for a thriving and diverse Rhode Island.”

The Rhode Island Foundation’s grant recognizes and supports projects that play a pivotal role in advancing key initiatives and addressing critical needs in the community.

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution to ensuring the educational success of every student in our schools. Research consistently demonstrates that multilingual programs promote academic achievement and help non-native English speakers, who are a growing component in our urban schools, become college and career ready. Supporting this innovative approach will empower parents, students and other stakeholders to demystify school policies surrounding multilingual programs and develop their capacity to successfully advocate for appropriate programs and services for our children,” said David N. Cicilline, the Foundation’s president and CEO.

In addition to the Foundation's support, the Coalition extends special acknowledgment to the Gilbane Family Foundation for its additional funding contribution. The Gilbane Family Foundation's commitment to educational initiatives mirrors the Coalition’s passion for creating an inclusive learning environment that celebrates linguistic diversity.

This combined support will empower the Coalition for a Multilingual Rhode Island to enhance its efforts in promoting language diversity, supporting language acquisition programs, and advocating for policies that ensure equitable access to education for all Rhode Islanders, regardless of their linguistic background.

“The additional support from the Gilbane Family Foundation reinforces our shared commitment to fostering an educational landscape that values and respects linguistic diversity. The Coalition looks forward to leveraging this funding to create new opportunities, develop innovative programs, and engage with the community to make a lasting impact on multilingual education in Rhode Island,” said Papa.

The Rhode Island Foundation is the largest funder of nonprofit organizations in Rhode Island. Through civic leadership, fundraising and grant-making activities, often in partnership with individuals and organizations, the Foundation is helping improve the lives of all Rhode Islanders.