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Fund of the Providence Shelter for Colored Children Grants

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The Providence Shelter for Colored Children established two funds at the Rhode Island Foundation: a donor advised fund in 2014 through which the Shelter's board recommends grants for the community and an organization endowment in 2016 from which grants are made back to the Shelter to ensure a secure funding stream for the organization.

About the Providence Shelter

The Providence Shelter was established by white Quaker women in 1838 as a physical shelter for children of color. Black families needed a place to care for their children if the mother was a “living in” servant to a white family, or the father was away at sea. Existing children’s homes were closed to children of color, so a building was purchased where such children could be housed.

The Shelter Board sold the Olive Street house after it closed its doors in 1951 and created an endowment. The board carefully managed and generated funds which it donated to local organizations offering services to children of color. Documents at both the Rhode Island Historical Society and the Black Heritage Society show how the women associated with the Shelter formed a governing Board of Managers which has for many years included equal numbers of black and white women. Although the Rhode Island Foundation has managed the investments since 2014, the Shelter entered the 21st century, thanks to the many hours the board spent carefully managing funds, reading and evaluating proposals.

The Providence Shelter for Colored Children is one of the oldest functioning charities in the United States. It is usually known as the Shelter or the PSCC, and over the years there have been many discussions about changing the name. Its Board still believes, however, that the full name represents its long history, and they are proud that it has been serving children of color in Providence for over 180 years, and that it plans to go on doing so.

To learn more about the Providence Shelter, please visit its website.

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