Freeman T Freeman

Silent Generation

Freeman T Freeman growing up gay as a member of the “silent generation” a phrase used to describe much of the culture of silence as a mode of protection for LGBTQ+ folks from the mid to late 20th century.


Freeman T Freeman

Health Care Needs of Elderly

Freeman T. Freeman, an activist-educator who conducts trainings for the healthcare industry, speaks to the barriers to adequate and non-judgmental healthcare for elderly LGBTQ+ folks. 


Gwendolyn Howard

Clinicians Only See Trans

This quote speaks to the complexity of the need for more care for transgender and non-binary individuals, and also nuanced care delivery when it comes to social and emotional wellness.


Gwendolyn Howard

Murder of Rita Hester in Boston

Gwendolyn Howard reflecting on the murder of Rita Hester in Boston on Nov 28, 1998 which led to the creation of Transgender Day of Remembrance.


Gwendolyn Howard

Bill Excluding Trans Folks

Gwendolyn Howard speaking on adding gender identity or expression to RI state’s anti-discrimination law in 2001.


Jaye Watts

Gender and DMV

Jaye Watts, activist and health advocate, discussing the issues with the implementation of laws and policies that, like the passing of gender and name changes on driver’s licenses, have good intentions behind them, but can be difficult to enforce in practice. 


Jaye Watts

Importance of Rights & Housing

Jaye Watts discussing the barriers trans and gender non-binary people face when searching for housing, despite laws and policies in place to prevent discrimination. 


Ancha Santana

QTPOC Dyke March Beginnings

Ancha Santana, co-founder of the Providence Dyke Trans People of Color March, reflects on the grassroots organizing that led to the development of the March in June 2019. 


Ancha Santana

Queer spaces?

Ancha Santana, community activist, reflects on lack of public spaces available to LGBTQ+ folks, particularly those of color, to gather and share space.


Anthony Maselli

Need to be Better About Public Health

Anthony Maselli, harm reduction activist, speaks on the need for public officials to be involved in the work of destigmatizing and broadening acceptance of folks who are HIV positive and folks who are substance users. 


Billy Mencer Ackerly

PVD’s First Pride, Early Organizing in 70s

Billy Mencer Ackerly, one of the original “76ers” reflects on the effort it took to establish Providence’s first Pride Parade and sings lyrics from “Come Out Wherever You Are” which those in the march sang as they began the parade. 


Billy Mencer Ackerly

Timeline at 1976 Pride Parade

Billy Mencer Ackerly

Billy Sings “Come Out Wherever You Are”

Donnie Anderson

RI Council of Churches Supports Marriage Equality

Rev. Dr. Donnie Anderson discusses becoming the first Executive Minister of a state council of churches in the nation. 


Mev Miller

Literature, Feminism, Anti-Oppression

Mev Miller, literacy activist and founder of Rhode Island’s chapter of Old Lesbians Organizing for Change, reflects on why it is important to have diverse media from women and LGBTQ+ folks. 


Mev Miller

Lesbian Radio Show From 90s

Mev Miller

Starting OLOC Chapter in RI

Mev Miller, founder of Old Lesbians Organizing for Change, or “OLOC”, discussing the emergence of the organization in 2018. 


Mev Miller

On Being an Older Lesbian

Mev Miller, literacy activist and founder of Rhode Island’s Old Lesbians Organizing for Change, or “OLOC”, discussing barriers to accessing healthcare for aging LGBTQ+ people.


Sherente Harris (She/he/they)

What Two-Spirit Means

Sherente Harris, two-spirit member of the Narragansett Tribal Nation, discusses the imposition of the gender binary by colonial culture and the longevity of two-spirit identity in Indigenous Communities. 


Sherente Harris (She/he/they)

Challenge of Welcoming Two Spirit Into the Broader LGBTQ Fold

Sherente Harris, advocate for two-spirit indigenous people, speaks to the need for more awareness of indigenous culture in mainstream LGBTQ+ culture and communities. 


Michelle Veras

Importance of Queer Designated Spaces & QTPOC Dyke March

Michelle Veras, co-founder of the Dyke and Trans People of Color March reflects on the motivation for the creation of the March and the need for designated spaces for lesbians, particularly lesbians of color to gather and take up space in public.