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The conclusion to this report is actually one of invitation and opening. There is much to celebrate in terms of the strength and effectiveness of organizations and institutions serving our LGBTQ+ community members. There is also a robust network of community organizers and activists as well as everyday people who hold tender spaces for each other and fight for our right to resplendent existence. The history of LGBTQ+ struggle in our state and nationally against homophobia, exclusionary policies, racism and classism, withholding of affirming healthcare, and other structural harms is both a worthy cause of celebration and a call to continued action. As many of the voices from community practitioners and statistics from national studies have illustrated, there is much more to be done. Housing for trans folks, LGBTQ+ youth, the elderly and LGBTQ+ folks of color is a crucial issue. This ties into providing affordable, affirming, and educated healthcare to all members of the LGBTQ+ community, especially trans and aging folks, and people who are living with HIV. Funding mechanisms need to support ongoing efforts to address these gaps in service-provision, including the daily operations it takes to keep these spaces alive. Supporting spaces for connection that do not center around alcohol is also a top priority. While protections via legislation are vitally important, there are also a number of other ways to change the culture-including in the area of education–that we must embrace as the next frontier of LGBTQ+ action to ensure the safety, wellness, and thriving of our diverse communities.