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Introducing this year's Carter Roger Williams Scholars

Modesty, compassion, integrity, and courage. - These are among the values of Roger Williams that recipients of the 2019 Carter Roger Williams Scholarships cited in their applications for the four-year, renewable awards.

Roger Williams had the chance to further his education because of the people around him.

Because of the vision of philanthropists Letitia and the late John Carter, these Rhode Island students have a similar opportunity to think big about their future.

In addition to the scholarship program which was launched two years ago, the Carter Roger Williams Initiative offers educational resources for students and educators. Learn more at

Jacqueline Contreras, a graduate of Providence’s Classical High School, is attending Providence College. She states, “Roger Williams exemplifies modesty and compassion. He believed developing your potential goes beyond helping yourself; it’s about elevating others around you.”

Marissa Henley, a graduate of Woonsocket High school, is attending Kent State University. She notes, “Roger Williams’ relentless campaign for religious freedom, separation of church and state, and democracy are still ubiquitous today. Roger Williams’ representation of freedom and equitability in the early stages of America are the ideals that I have built my passion of social reform on.”

Ezra Monteiro, a graduate of Newport’s Rogers High School, is attending Howard University. He believes, “In today’s day and age, many people have forgotten about Roger Williams’ principles and how they should apply to our everyday lives. When Roger Williams founded Rhode Island, he gave the colonists a chance to live a better life, regardless of their religion.”

Angella Nakasagga, a graduate of Cranston High School East, is attending the University of Miami. She shares, “The steps he (Roger Williams) took towards creating a space for people to worship their God freely contributed to the freedom that permeates almost every area of today’s society, including religion and politics. As a result, Rhode Island has flourished through tolerance, acceptance, and pride in individuality.”

Abel Ndungutsye, a graduate of Providence’s Mount Pleasant High School, is attending Roger Williams University. He says, “He (Roger Williams) gives me hope that everyone can achieve their dreams no matter where they come from. This is my motivation to never give up on my beliefs and dreams.”

Alfusatny Saine, a graduate of Woonsocket High School, is attending the University of Rhode Island. He states, “Roger Williams possessed the ability to be open minded, he showed integrity and had courage. These are values that I try to emulate in my daily life to become a better me.”