Deacon Charles and Patricia A. Andrade Scholarship Fund

“I have nothing but love and praise for both Charlie and Pat. I’ve always known them to be warm, strong people of faith,” says John M. Murphy, trustee of the John and Gracilda Murphy Family Foundation, which established this fund in honor of Deacon Charles and Mrs. Patricia Andrade.

The fund is designated for St. Patrick Academy, Providence, for students’ tuition. The school, which provides Catholic college-preparatory education to urban young people was transitioned from an elementary school to a high school in 2009 by Rev. James T. Ruggieri, pastor of St. Patrick Parish, where Charles Andrade served as a deacon.

“Charlie was among those instrumental in getting the school reopened after it had been closed for a year due to falling enrollment and financial problems. The parish and school have meant a lot to both Charlie and Pat,” John states.

“I’ve known the family all my life,” he shares, noting that the Andrades were married for 70 years and together raised five children. Charlie worked at the former Outlet Company before being approached by St. Patrick to become a deacon. “It was a life-changing experience, but he was up for it. His ministry for more than 20 years was in the state prison. It was a tough job trying to give hope to the prisoners, but Charlie dedicated himself to the work. He and Pat had been partners all the way doing selfless jobs on earth, and I admire them both,” John says.

Their selfless ways are honored through this fund in support of St. Patrick Academy students who are 70% Latino, 25% African/African American, and 5% of other heritages. In terms of tuition, families pay on average $1,000 or less per student per year. The rest is procured through donations. “The school is full of enthusiasm and faith. Students are getting a good, religious education and know they are needed, wanted, and loved there,” John believes.

This is the fourth fund John and Grace Murphy have established at the Rhode Island Foundation. “I wouldn’t go anywhere else,” John exclaims, noting the caliber of staff he has worked with through the years.