A potential transformational step for Rhode Island's health care system

Last Spring the Foundation announced it would lead an independent effort to gather and share community input aimed at informing the review of the proposed Integrated Academic Health System (IAHS).

Since that announcement, we worked with a committee of 25 community members – the Integrated Academic Health System Community Input Committee – to lead a focused, rigorous, and inclusive effort. The committee worked together to gather and synthesize community priorities regarding the proposed IAHS. The work was informed by focus groups, community conversations, additional stakeholder conversations, and the input of healthcare industry experts.

You will find a link below to the group’s final report, entitled Ensuring the Integrated Academic Health System Benefits all Rhode Islanders.

If the merger of the Lifespan and Care New England health systems moves forward, with an affiliation with Brown University, we believe that implementation of these recommendations will help create an impactful and equitable structure that benefits all Rhode Islanders.

Additionally, if the IAHS moves forward, it must be as the cornerstone of a more inclusive, equitable, accessible, affordable, resilient, and high-quality health care system. This report, which we believe captures the broad consensus of the Rhode Island community, is an important step towards that goal.

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