2019 Annual Report

Growing strong

We’re excited to share the Foundation’s 2019 Annual Report with you. You’ll read stories of generous donors, and incredibly dedicated, hardworking grantee partners, and you’ll read about how we’re actively engaging in civic leadership as Rhode Island’s community foundation.

You’ll also learn more about the Foundation’s 2019 results. At the end of the year total assets stood at approximately $1.1 billion, and our investment return for the year was 18.6%, bringing our 10-year average return 8.5%. Steady returns and year-over-year fundraising allow us to grow the Foundation’s endowment and invest more into the community. To that end, we raised $47 million in partnership with visionary and committed donors, and awarded a record $56 million in grants to over 2000 nonprofits in 2019.

The Foundation also raised a record $620,000 for our Civic Leadership Fund, an annual fund that allows us to get - and stay - involved in the issues of the day. For example, we convened and led two long-term planning processes this past year: one focused on health in Rhode Island, and one on pre-K through 12th grade public education. You’ll read more about those in this report as well.

As we reflect on the close of a decade, we would like to express our gratitude to the generous donors, grantees, and community members who partner with the Foundation to work toward fulfillment of our mission – to meet the needs of the people of Rhode Island. And, we are excited for what the future holds – there is so much more to do, challenges and opportunities to take head-on – and we’re ready.

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