Honoring Best Practices

2019 Nonprofit Best Practice Awards Nomination Form

We are applying in the following category (check only one):
(i.e., East Bay or Woonsocket or statewide)
Provide a brief overview of the organization, including mission, approximate size, date established, programs and services offered, and populations served (900 character limit).
What problem/issue was your organization attempting to solve/overcome or what opportunity was your organization looking to seize/take advantage of through your best practice (600 character limit)?
Please describe your organization’s best practice. What internal changes/shifts were required, and how did they make a difference toward success? What resources were required for a successful best practice implementation (1,800 character limit)?
What did your organization learn through this best practice planning and implementation? If you were to do it all over again, what is one thing you would do differently (900 character limit)?
Attach your most recent board-approved financial statement.
Attach your IRS 501(c) tax determination letter (not a tax-exempt certificate) ONLY if your organization has never applied to the Rhode Island Foundation for funding. If an organization is serving as the fiscal agent for this request, please submit the IRS 501(c) tax determination letter for the fiscal agent.