Together, we can transform the present…and the future

When Jesse H. Metcalf, an industrialist and United States Senator, gave the Foundation its first gift in 1916, he could little imagine the programs he would support a century later: blended learning in public schools, off-shore wind energy development, patient-centered medical homes, high-tech workforce development, and more.

Metcalf and other founders believed “gifts for charitable purposes can be more effectively administered if such gifts are combined in a common fund and...(distributed) for the greatest good of the community.”

Fund for Rhode Island logoFund for Rhode Island

The Fund for Rhode Island is that common fund for the greatest good of the community. It supports our mission to meet the needs of the people of Rhode Island…yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Since 1916, generous, civic-minded Rhode Islanders have placed their trust in the Foundation's knowledge and expertise to determine the course of their philanthropy.

You, too, can help address Rhode Island’s most pressing needs today…and tomorrow.


We have no idea what the needs of the future will be. This is a way to give the Foundation flexibility to meet those challenges."

- Marie J. Langlois & John F. Loerke Fund (unrestricted)

How to get started

There are four ways you can support Rhode Island’s changing needs in perpetuity:

  1. Establish a permanent, unrestricted fund today
  2. Establish a permanent, unrestricted fund through a planned gift, in your will for example
  3. Make a contribution today to the Fund for Rhode Island
  4. If you have a donor advised fund, name the Rhode Island Foundation as your successor advisor. This allows you to recommend grants during your lifetime AND to support Rhode Island’s most pressing – and changing – needs following your death.

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