Lead, Transform, Inspire

We strive for a strategic approach to philanthropy, grantmaking, and civic leadership in support of our mission to meet the needs of the people of Rhode Island.

Through our strategic plan, we are focusing on education, health, economic security, and philanthropy. 
Download our 2014-2018 strategic plan.

As a trusted leader in philanthropy, we work to inspire and engage Rhode Islanders to transform our state. 


Our strategy

  • We will lead…by fully leveraging our unique role in the community through the integration of our core enterprises (support for a strong nonprofit sector, proactive philanthropy, and thought-and-action leadership). 
  • We will transform…key elements of Rhode Island’s quality of life by seeking short-term progress and long-term impact within, between, and across four strategic initiatives that leverage the full resources of the Foundation, grants in seven targeted sectors, and select special projects. 
  • We will inspire…by cultivating philanthropic partners who share the Foundation’s vision for Rhode Island and help us achieve sustainable growth in discretionary, donor directed, and deferred funding.

Strategic initiatives


  • Rhode Island focused. We are of, by, and for Rhode Island. We believe in building on our strengths and making statewide, regional, national, and global connections for Rhode Island. We are a positive voice for Rhode Island.
  • Stewardship. We are committed to building permanent philanthropic capital for our state. We are excellent stewards of the financial resources and charitable legacies entrusted to us.
  • Solutions-oriented. We focus on finding long-term solutions over treating immediate symptoms.
  • Innovation. We play an important role in seeking and testing new ideas. We seek new partners and new ways of solving problems.
  • Equity. We serve a wonderfully diverse community, and it is our privilege and duty to create equitable opportunities for all. This means eliminating disparities that exist for people of different races, ethnicities, and incomes.
  • Networks. We are more effective by building networks and partnerships, leveraging resources, and working with other sectors. We believe that the community is stronger when everyone participates, and the Foundation can play a role by elevating the conversation and ensuring access.
  • Balance. We know that Rhode Island needs us to maintain a balance between competing tensions:
    • Assuming a leadership role and inspiring others to take action
    • Being a transformational innovator and an organization responsible for long-term sustainability
    • Keeping with an intentional, disciplined plan and inclination to be opportunistic to address emerging needs
    • Assessing short-term momentum-building value and systemic longer-term impact
  • Quality. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of performance, value initiative, and reward results.

Strategic Initiatives

We are working to improve education in our public schools.
Educational Success

Working to improve education in our public schools. Read more about our educational success initiative

We are working to improve access and quality of primary care for all Rhode Islanders.
Healthy Lives

Working to improve access and quality of primary care for all Rhode Islanders. Read more about our healthy lives initiative

We are working to improve Rhode Island's environment for economic growth so all Rhode Islanders can prosper.
Economic Security

Working to improve Rhode Island's environment for economic growth so all Rhode Islanders can prosper. read more about our economic security initiative

We are working to increase philanthropy in Rhode Island.
Inspiring Philanthropy

Working to increase philanthropy in Rhode Island. (Pictured: Our 2017 Inspiring Partner Ted Mattis (center), representing the Frederick B. Wilcox family, with Foundation staff and Board Chair Marie Langlois. see the Inspiring Partner video.


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